Quitting smoking, vaping or other tobacco is like learning a new skill—like playing basketball or driving a car. The most important thing to do is practice—because every time you try to quit, you learn something new. That’s why every try counts. Make sure that you give yourself credit for all the work you are doing to quit. Don’t forget, if you need a little more help to stay quit, 802Quits offers customized help by phone (1-800-QUIT-NOW), in-person and online.

Sometimes, even though the goal is to quit completely, you may slip. All a slip means is that you need a little more practice handling some particular situation. The key is to get right back on track and not let the slip get in your way. It’s natural to feel down or have some negative thoughts about a cigarette craving or slip. Be prepared for this, and don’t let negative feelings cause you to return to smoking, vaping or other tobacco.

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Remember: A slip is just a slip. It doesn’t mean you’re a smoker, vaper or tobacco user again. Staying tobacco-free can often be difficult. Follow these steps to help you remain quit. If you do have a relapse, remember, many people slip! Think of how far you’ve come on this journey to a tobacco-free life that will give you more freedom to enjoy other things. Just get “back on track.”

Never forget your reasons for quitting.
Don’t take even “just 1 puff” of another cigarette or “just 1 chew” of chewing tobacco or “just 1 vape-hit”.
Don’t rationalize and think you can have just one.
Plan for risky situations (boredom, drinking alcohol, stress) and decide what you will do instead of using tobacco.
Reward yourself for not using tobacco. Use the money you save from not buying cigarettes or other products on something meaningful to you. It can even be as big as a used car, since 1 pack of cigarettes a day can cost over $3,000 per year.
Be proud of trying to stop using tobacco and share your story with others.
Begin to think of yourself as a non-smoker, tobacco-free.

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