Refer Your patient

Providing positive reinforcement and referrals to 802Quits increases your patient’s chances of quitting.

Quit Medication Information

Patients who work with a health care provider are better prepared to make a quit attempt.

Support Patients Through Their Quit Journey

Request free support materials to help your patients on their quit journey.

If your patient is ready to quit, there are tools to support a path that’s right for them.

  • Refer them to to get started.
  • Provide them with free stress reduction quit tools and resources.
  • Ask them about tobacco at their next appointment.
  • Find a quit workshop in the patient’s area. Most are located in nearby hospitals, clinics or are available online.
  • Refer them to the MAT coordinator in your practice or department for additional quit support (if applicable).

Refer Special Populations to Customized Cessations Services
802Quits offers researched and culturally tailored quit services for Medicaid Members and UninsuredPregnant VermontersLGBTQAmerican Indians, Young Adults and Teens.

Nicotine Replacement

802Quits offers FREE quit medications and cessation support by phone, online, or quit workshops. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), including free patches, gum, and lozenges, is available to adults 18+ and is recommended off-label for youth under 18 years old who are moderately or severely addicted to nicotine and motivated to quit.

If you would like your patient to receive NRT and they have any of the following contraindications: heart disease or conditions; uncontrolled high blood pressure, stroke, or heart attack in the last 12 months; or is pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend you print and sign the Authorization to Disclose Health Information form and fax with the referral form to start the process.

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