Key partners in the fight against smoking and tobacco addiction.

Your encouragement and counsel can help a patient make the decision to quit tobacco use, even if they’ve tried in the past.

There has never been a more important time for your patients to quit tobacco. Although smoking rates increased during the pandemic, COVID-19 also created motivation to quit tobacco. Patients may be more receptive now, and because of your trusted guidance and availability to them throughout the pandemic, you are the provider they will mostly likely turn to.

“Pharmacists are absolutely the right people to help patients tackle tobacco cessation because we have such frequent contact. A patient may see their PCP three times a year; they may see their pharmacist five times that amount.”

Lauren Bode
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences-VT

802Quits is your resource for everything tobacco cessation.

As the demand for prescription and non-prescription tobacco treatment support rises in Vermont, so does the need for pharmacists to understand the full range of free services available to patients. Here you’ll find:

As the role of pharmacy in tobacco cessation continues to evolve, policy implications, new protocols, additional materials and more links to tobacco training/CEUs for pharmacy and tech staff will be added.

Rewards available now for special populations who enroll.
(For Vermonters age 18 and older)

“It’s very rewarding for us to see someone quit smoking. It makes us feel like we did our job. I feel good when something like that happens.”

Bill Breen
Genoa Healthcare in Lamoille County Mental Health Services
“This is the time for patients to focus on themselves. Helping someone get started on smoking cessation is a place to put their health first as a priority.”

Savannah Cheeseman
Hannaford Pharmacy

Patient Support Materials

Request free materials to share with your patients.

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