For Providers

Your Role in Helping Patients Quit

Nearly 70% of smokers think about quitting each year (CDC). Your advice is a patient’s number one motivator, wherever they are on the path to quitting. By advising your tobacco-using patients to quit at every visit, you’ll make an impact on their health and the health of those around them. We’ll help you have those conversations.

Services We Provide

802Quits helps you offer patients free, comprehensive cessation resources, including nicotine replacement therapy and cessation support in-person, by phone or online.

Medicaid Tobacco Cessation Benefits

In Vermont, low-income or disabled individuals up to 138 percent of federal poverty level are covered by Medicaid and qualify for tobacco cessation as a preventive service. This includes:

  • 16 face-to-face smoking cessation counseling sessions per year with an
    authorized health care professional
  • 4 sessions of 802Quits individual, group and phone counseling
  • All 7 FDA-approved smoking cessation medications including 24 weeks of Chantix® or Zyban®
  • No limit on preferred quit medications including gum, patches and Nicorette® lozenges and up to 16 weeks of non-preferred quit medications at no cost to the member
  • 2 quit attempts per year
  • No prior authorization for preferred treatments
  • No co-pay

Learn how to bill for cessation services and get started on making referrals.

Provider Voice: Supportive and Caring

Dr. Walter Gundel, Cardiologist, discusses the importance of a simple patient referral to 802Quits. (0:00:30)