My Life, My Quit™ is a free and confidential service for those 12-17 who want to quit all forms of tobacco and vaping. Participants receive:

  • Access to Tobacco Cessation Coaches with specialized training in adolescent tobacco prevention.
  • Five, one-on-one coaching sessions. Coaching helps teens develop a quit plan, identify triggers, practice refusal skills and receive ongoing support for changing behaviors.

My Life, My Quit™  also offers resources for parents who want to take an active role in their teen’s quit journey.

Download and print “My Life My Quit” poster one (PDF) and poster two (PDF) for your office or practice.

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If your patient 13+ uses cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, dip or hookah, 802Quits programs by phone and online can help them quit. Free tools and support at


Launched in January by the Truth Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to tobacco use prevention and cessation, This is Quitting (PDF) is a new automated texting program using research from young people who vape. The program is currently enrolling 100-150 youth daily. In Vermont, young adults and teens ages 13-24 can text “VtVapeFree” to 88709 to get help quitting e-cigarettes and vaping.

Texting support includes tips and strategies to break the habit of vaping and on-demand support by texting in keywords like CRAVE. STRESS. SLIP.

Initial evaluation published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research, June 2019 

Download and print “This is Quitting” poster for your office or practice

Medicaid and Vaping Cessation

Remember, Vermont Medicaid covers up to 16 face-to-face tobacco cessation counseling sessions (including telehealth sessions) per calendar year for eligible members of any age who use tobacco and nicotine products.

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