Sonya, Bolton

In 2006 while i was running with my son, I fell, I thought I broke my rib. When I received the results of my x ray I was horrified. I did not have a broken rib. I did have severe emphysema. I was only 36 years old, My children were 5, 9 and 13. I did not want to be “that mom” who was on oxygen at school events, and if I kept smoking I would not even be around for them as they grew up!! Quitting smoking was the most important thing for me to do. I set a quit date, I told as many people about my quit date as I could, this made it hard to not follow though as my friends, co workers and family would hold me to it. I joined an incentive program at work, for every 3 months I went I received a small bonus. I chewed a lot of gum and I did use nicotine gum to help with the cravings. I had to change my habits a little, I changed anything that was a smoking trigger. such as: In the past I got up early and had a cigarette with a cup of coffee this had to change so, I did not get up as early and stopped drinking coffee for a while. I kept my attitude positive and kept in mind that I wanted to live a long healthy life. In the past I had the attitude that something like this would not happen to me, I was wrong, Now it is 2014 and I have not smoked in 8 years. I am able to run and bike, to hike and spend time with my family, I get to see them grow. It was such a good decision to make. some other things I did: spend time in places where smoking is not allowed. Be very strict with friends who still smoke tell them to not smoke around you at all, they will understand!. set the money you save aside and use it for a reward for yourself. If I can do this You can do this. You are stronger than you know!