Kathy, Jamaica

I stopped smoking after 43 years. I was faced with emergency surgery 3 years ago for a shattered pelvis. My surgeon advise me that if I didn’t quit he could not promise that the surgery would be a success. I did stop smoking prior to surgery and started using Nicorette gum. I have continued to use gum going from 4 mg to 2 mg. I have not been able to stop using the gum and it has become expensive. My husband is very ill and I have found out that he has had a stroke. He is bed ridden. I am about to move to independent living and the challenges are enormous. I am being treated for anxiety and depression and I am in therapy. I know that this isn’t a typical story as I am also a recovering alcoholic of 36 years. Quitting smoking has been far more difficult than remaining sober. Money has always been an issue as we live on Social Security. If the doctor hadn’t forced me into the reality of how serious this impacted my health I’m not sure that I would have had the courage to stop. I’ve come close to starting to smoke again but I will not go back. It is only the idea that I must move forward no matter the challenges. One day at a time I must move forward.