Jeff, Morrisville

I’ve been helping other people for years as a volunteer firefighter. It was time that I took care of myself and quit smoking. I was up to 2 packs of cigarettes a day. I called 802Quits for support and they helped me to come up with a plan. I had tried quitting before so I knew what worked and didn’t work and that helped us come up with some ideas for what would make this time different. There were some big challenges I was worried about including my own mental health, having been diagnosed with bipolar, being unemployed, and living with smokers but over time, I was able to cut back and eventually quit smoking. I’m fighting this battle every single day and I’m not giving up! I’m trying everything and constantly thinking of new tricks to distract my mind from wanting to smoke, especially when I’m stressed about money or life. In just 2 months, I’m breathing better and food tastes better. I now know how bad smoke smells and I’m so glad I don’t smell that way anymore.