Nancy, Essex Junction

When I quit 17 years ago it wasn’t the first time that I’d tried to quit but it was the last and final time. Just diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and early stage emphysema I knew that was my final warning. I realized how lucky I was that I wasn’t being told I had lung cancer.

A combination of the nicotine patch, medication, prayer, the 12 Steps of Smokers Anonymous and getting physically active was what turned one more attempt into the only successful one.

Today, I’m the leader and organizer of a 50+ Staying Active Fitness Group. I have close to 200 local members that I provide 3-5 activities weekly for. I am proud to hear my members talk about the difference my group has made in their lives. Whether they just quit smoking, want to lose weight, or just stay active and meet like-minded people, they find success when they join my Meetup Group.

As for me, quitting smoking opened up avenues in my life that I hadn’t dared even dream about. Besides setting an example and leading the way for others, today you’ll find me kayaking, skiing, hiking mountains, walking long distances and road cycling over 2,000 a year. At 62 years old I’m in the best condition I’ve ever been in my life.