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Free Quit Tools

Free quit tools to help you stay strong

Encouragement and great tools go a long way when you decide to try to quit smoking. Choose your own FREE quit tools from the list below (limit: 2 items, while supplies last).

We’ll also send you a free Quit Guide with your choice of quit tools. The guide includes tips on getting through cravings and can help you create a quit plan that works for you.

Cube Puzzle

A distraction for your hands and mind, your craving will disappear while you’re solving the puzzle:

Worry Stone

Easy to take along anywhere, slip into your hand and rub your worries away until the craving is gone:

Clip-on Pedometer

This handy, clip-on pedometer will help you count the steps you’ve taken since your last cigarette:

Distraction Putty

Keep your hands and mind busy until the craving goes away. Helps you squish and shape your way to a smoke-free future:

Free Quit Tools only available to Vermont residents or those using 802Quits services in Vermont.
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