Fun Quit Tools

Free Quit Tools Help You Stay Strong

Encouragement and great tools go a long way once you decide to try to quit smoking. Choose your own FREE quit tools from the list below (limit: 2 items, while supplies last). Free quit tools arrive within 10 days of ordering.

Cube Puzzle

A distraction for your hands and mind, your craving will disappear while you’re solving the puzzle.

Worry Stone

Easy to take along anywhere, rub the stone in your hand to relieve your worries until the craving is gone.

Clip-on Pedometer

This handy, clip-on pedometer will help you count the steps you’ve taken since your last cigarette.

Distraction Putty

Keep your hands and mind busy until the craving goes away. Helps you squish and shape your way to a smoke-free future.

Free Quit Tools only available to Vermont residents or those using 802Quits services in Vermont.
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